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Home Sellers

If you are looking to sell your property in the Houston area, then you would obviously want your house to be sold at the maximum value. As your real estate agent in Houston, Claudia Da Silva can help you get the best price for your home in no time.

With Claudia, you do not just get the experience of one of the best local real estate agents in the state, but you also get all the insight, resources, and tools to make an informed decision.

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Home Prices in Houston

The median home prices in September stood at $310,000, which shows a trend of 11.1% improvement year-over-year. Although home inventory did go down in the middle of 2020, the Houston housing market remained reasonably stable and new construction homes outstripped existing homes.

As an experienced selling agent, Claudia has made sales worth over 10 million in residential property and has spent the last 5 years being the best in the business.

Hence, she has mastered the art of getting you more value for your property.

Challenges Home Sellers in Houston Face

A large number of people consider property listings for selling their house. However, the cost, effort, and the time you put in the whole process may not be well worth it. However, with your own personal real estate agent, you can get the whole process done as smoothly as possible.

Claudia has a record of getting home sellers more money for their house than they can get by adding their property to a listing. She can help you:

● Answer questions and screen calls of people who are asking about your property.

● Set up appointments for people who want to view your home in person.

● Give you suggestions on how to increase the curb appeal and value of your home.

● Handle all the legalities relating to selling a house on your behalf. From making the contract to the escrow process, she will be in charge of everything.

● Selling your home can take weeks or even months. During this time, the housing market may fall, which means you will have to sell your house for a lower price.

Claudia can help you handle all these issues and make sure that your house is sold at the price you want and in a timely manner.

Helping You Make a Competitive Offer


Unique Inputs

Let Claudia know about the unique features of your home and we will use them to see what can raise the value of your home and make you a more precise offer.

Neighborhood Comparison

She will also base your price on comparison and reviews of similar homes that have been sold recently in your area.

Years of Experience

Claudia has successfully sold over 10 million in the Houston area and has gained a deep insight into the local market, which she can apply to your home selling process.